Alexandru pepene

Alexandru Pepene's approach to his work with art

He always is changing his approach to painting as freely as possible explores his way of creating and associates it with moments in life.

First thing that people will notice about his art is that he is free in the creation of it as well as using bright powerful colours to engage the viewer in a discovery journey within the painting.

Art is the language he uses as he realised it’s the only language he can communicate with everyone around him no matter the background or age.

His painting is a playground without any limitations. He does not compare his art with other artist as he believes that you can’t compare art because we are unique in our life stories.

Through his art he wants to bring joy to the people that spend time with colours. To make them aware of the freedom that colour can bring to people’s mind as well as time awareness.





Alexandru Pepene



Born in the pittoresque town of Brasov Romania 1984. Left Romania when he was 18 with a great will of exploring and getting to know the world. Kept close contact with the country throughout the years as his big family and friends still live in Romania that helped keeping an open dialogue with where life takes people. Finished his University while living in London he studied International Relations and Politics as a way of understanding the world better.

Coming from a history background like Romania versus what the west was up to, was a massive change of focus and he became a lot more free in the way he explored the world around him as well as expressing it. Art became and interest for Alexandru once he reached a point where he started to live his life and not survive it. Lived in Italy, UAE,Spain, England, Sweden before settling in Denmark.

Throughout his travels he learned the official language of the places he lived and studied the culture to have a better understanding of the momentum in life that he is part of.


His artworks are exposed in Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Brussels,Munich and Rome.



He lives and works in Denmark