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Why does art have an influence on you?

First it is important to realize/acknowledge that art can either have a positive or negative influence on you, that you can feel physical or mental. 

The reasons for this influence you find in the human brain. 

The brain is created in order to make the human survive from any danger. To observe danger the brain uses the senses as hearing, smelling, looking, tasting, feeling. 

 If one of the senses are activated, from any input, and create a negative feeling in the brain's limbic system, the brain activates the stress level in the body, as a refleks to the input. 

Through the evolution of the human brain there are symbols and lines that have an intuitive negative input to the brain, that increase the stress level in the body. 

This is the reason why some art makes you feel energized or drained from energy. Some people even explore a physical pain somewhere in their body, just by looking at a piece of art with negative symbols or lines. 

 Opposite can positive art (POBRA) reduce stress levels and boosts energy.

What is POBRA art?


Positive Brain through art

Do you have positive or negative Art?

Are you curious to know if your art at your home or office has a positive or negative influence on your brain?

Do to the mission of Pepene Art, to influence peoples brain in a possitive way and bring energy on a daily basis through art, you get  15 minutes personal video consulting for free from Pepene Art, where you will get the answer. 

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